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Start a Fab Lab

What does it cost to start a Fab Lab?

Equipment costs average about $25k to $65k, and about $15k to $40k for consumables. The Fab Academy class site has a great list of free, open source software that we typically use.

What materials and equipment are needed?

MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms has created an inventory of equipment, tools, and consumables deployed in a full, research-grade Fab Lab.

What materials and equipment are needed?

ShopBot has a list of ready-to-go projects using a CNC router projects page and discover the possibilities of CNC manufacturing.

Helpful Articles

Planning and Goal Setting

Read 10 Things to Do When Starting a Fab Lab written by Massimo Menichinelli after his experience setting up the Aalto FabLab in Helsinki, Finland.

Bottom Up Grassroots Fab Lab [PDF]

Learn how FabLab Amersfoort in the Netherlands set up a FabLab “in 7 days with 4 people and about €5000” (∼$6100).

Guides [PDF]