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Why become a USFLN member?

Becoming a part of the United States Fab Lab Network (USFLN) means being a part of a collaborative network of mentors and experts in over 1,000 labs in more than 78 countries! You will also gain access to exclusive resources such as our symposium presentations. If you are part of an existing Fab Lab, interested in starting one, or just curious about digital fabrication, we welcome you to join our network and the community!

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Access to USFLN’s human capital! Our people are here to help.
  • Listing on USFLN organizational map.
  • Access to a variety of How-To Guides about Fab Lab development.
  • Free training webinars on various Fab Lab topics.
  • Access to project tutorials and equipment training.
  • Access to USFLN video library of training sessions from past Symposiums.
  • Learn from other Fab Labs on how they implement STEM learning.
  • Access to member equipment and vendor discounts.
  • Answers to questions through our Fab Lab Forum.
  • Collaboration with other Fab Labs.
  • Annual Symposium for training & networking.