How small rural communities can start growing again

People ask me how small rural communities can do a turn-around and start growing again.
Over the past few years it has become clear that the answer is in nurturing and attracting entrepreneurs and supporting the community’s existing small businesses. Now, many also ask me how to develop community support for a Fab Lab or other maker space. Ultimately, to grow again communities must develop a collective entrepreneurial mindset. The best way to start making that change is to have community members participate in entrepreneurial mindset classes featuring the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program whether at a community college or community center.

All that is required for anyone in the community to facilitate and lead these classes is to become a certified Ice House Facilitator and you can do that in Independence Kansas May 2 – 4. Visit or call me at 620-252-5349 to learn more.

Jim Correll

Fab Lab ICC



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