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Featured Workshops at Symposium 2019

Featured Workshops at Symposium 2019



Symposium 2019 Hands-on Workshops

April 10-12, Northampton CC

3D Drafting with Fusion 360

Instructor/inventor Sean Kernan will take you through the beginning steps of setting up a 3D drawing in Fusion 360. Fusion 360 is powerful 3D program that is free to download on any PC.  Sean will show how 3D print files are created and saved as well as 3D CNC files for cutting on the CNC wood Router.

Laser Cutting and Engraving

Jeffrey Boerner will fire up all three lasers so you will have an opportunity to laser cut and engrave a design.  The laser is the most versatile technological tools in the lab.  Your imagination will run wild. Then experience metal cutting with Big Bob the Beast of a Laser.

3D Printing

Mike Gorski Designs and builds 3D printers.  His newly formed company, Filament Innovations, is a leader in the Lehigh Valley in large format 3D printing.  Mike will demo all seven printers we have in the lab and explain the pros and cons of each.  He will also go over differences in materials and how to keep your printers printing.

Arduino Projects & Programming

Brian Feldman has a master’s degree in Electronics and Electronics from Carnegie Mellon University.  He will show the Arduino circuit computer that is low cost and easily programmed to power many simple projects.  With instruction in soldering, this hands-on electronics Arduino programming you will be able to easily institute Arduino into your program.

Plasma Cutting

Sean Brandle will lead a class showing the many things you can do with this easy to use technology.  Having a plasma cutter is not as crazy as it may seem.  Certain safety standards have to be in place but the number of projects that you can do by combining two dimensional drawing with the cutting of metal are too numerous to mention.

Instituting Guitar building into your program

Bill Mitchel is a professional Luthier.  He has been making and selling his guitars for many years.  He teaches flat top guitar building at the Fab Lab.  Bill will explain how a simple class like Ukulele or parlor Guitar making could be easily instituted with a few classes and some basic training.  Guitar building is a huge part of STEM education, but it is also a craft that build confidence and amazing joy.

Hands on Guitar repair workshop

Bill will show you some tricks of the trade, so you could repair a guitar and bring it to life.  This a skill not easily obtained except in a luthier school like ours.  Take advantage of this one-time opportunity to learn the simple tools and skills that are used to set up an instrument to play well.

Resin Casting with Michael Bianco

Michael is a world class maker, inventor, and all-around renaissance man.  His specialty in the Fab lab is plastics.  In this breakout you will have an opportunity to cast a Resin object or maybe even your own hand.  Michael makes resin casting simple and fun for all ages.

Bring Audio Mixing into your program

Sean will show you the equipment you need to institute Audio recording.  This is amazingly popular.  In most case one would have to major in a school in audio recording.  In the Fab lab we teach it in small doses, so you can record and mix your recordings or do a voice over.  Many people with project ideas or presentation would love to voice over a video to give it that professional feel.

Graphic Expressions

Amy Rotzell is an expert in Vinyl cutting, Banner printing, sublimation printing and more. She will have you doing simple projects in no time.  Sublimation on a small scale and vinyl cutting are not expensive to get into.  Learn some the skills to use for you to put this in a program or use it for promotion purposes.


George Baxter is an engineer / woodworker. In this breakout you will use many of the machines in the woodshop.  Learning woodworking and being able to set up a woodworking shop is valuable knowledge and is a life skill that will pay dividends.  You will leave feeling a sense of accomplishment and you will have a very cool project to take with you.


Ed Youtz is a professional woodturner.  Ed will have you turning in no time.  Woodturning on the small lathes that we have in our woodturning lab is easy, safe and fun.  We find that young people and adults, both men and women, enjoy turning.

CNC with Legacy

In this breakout you will see how the CNC is set up and how easy it is to download a design and cut it out with the Legacy Maverick.  The Maverick also has a 4th axis for carvings in the round.

COREL Draw for 2D cutting/engraving

Jeff Boerner will take you through the steps of downloading a design from Google Clip Art and turning it into a laserable design.  Then lasering it.  You will also see how a design can be worked out to be an inlay.

3D Printing a Photo

If you want download a personal black and white photograph and Sean will show you a simple way to make it an amazing 3D print that shows up in the plastic 3D print.

Build an Amplifier

The 4 inch by 4-inch amplifier is cut out on the laser.  You wire the amplifier circuit and fit the components into the case.  You learn a great project with a teacher who designed the circuit you will use.  This amplifier is all yours to take home along with the experience of building it yourself.

Welding Basics

Mike will have you welding in no time.  Class size is limited to 4 so sign up early.  Welding is a skill worth knowing.  Knowing about welding will give you food for thought.  Many of the industrial skill sets may not be utilized in all labs or makerspaces but learning how it is done and getting a chance to weld is an amazing experience. Especially if you haven’t done it before.

Commercial Project Sewing

Maria Kastrinakis is a textile expert who teaches textiles in the local Vo-Tech School.  Maria will show you how she has engineered the sewing program to be about commercial projects.  She will show the best machines to buy and how sewing skills can fit into any Fab lab or Makerspace.

Wooden Bowl Turning

Ken Burton is a well known woodworker and teacher.  He has several books to his credit and he has been on the cover of woodcraft magazine more than once.  Ken will have you turning wood on the lathe in no time.  You will come away with a finished turning and perhaps he kindled a new interest and/or a way for you to implement turning into your program.


And even more being added!


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