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Fab Lab challenge to help the Marines

Fab Lab challenge to help the Marines

USMC CoLab uses the power of crowdsourcing to collaboratively design new, practical products for the Marine Corps.

You can help design the Marines’ future by participating in the co-creation.  A team of dedicated engineers and advanced manufacturing experts will turn the winning design into a prototype for Marines to test.

The CoLab begins January 2018.

Click here to learn more.

One Student, One Arduino Program

One Student, One Arduino Program

Help support the One Student One Arduino Project!

The One Student, One Arduino Project is a unique educational project launched by the GreenLab Microfactory to encourage innovations right from the cradle level; that is, from the primary education level in Nigeria. The GreenLab Microfactory provided the initial starter kits for 100 pupils and continues to provide rigorous Arduino lessons. To ensure the continued success of this valuable program, your support and contributions are both needed and appreciated.

To make a donation or to learn more about the One Student, One Arduino Project, visit their Go Fund Me page.

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